Maintenance and Warranty of machine?

Machine is designed using quality parts and is tested for poultry environment. It has a very low maintenance requirement. We provide 6 month Free Service** for machine (special offer).

Is any special training required for operation?

No. Special training is not required to operate machine. Machine is very simple to operate like lawn- mover and every can operate can operate it easily.

Is it OK to use same machine for multiple poultry farms?

Not recommended. As machine is used in one poultry farm, it may transfer diseases to other poultry farm. It is recommended to clean the machine using proper method to avoid such transfer of diseases from one farm to other farm. Also, it is recommended to clean machine after each batch.

Will it help to improve FCR?

Surely Yes. Machine is designed to improve the raking process which was earlier done manually. Manual raking is laborious and ineffective method. RACKER raking machine helps in improving the litter condition, Ammonia level, Moisture content which indirectly helps to improve FCR.

Does Litter get dry because of using machine?

Yes. Litter gets dry after regular use of machine. As litter gets tilled, wet litter is exposed to environment and humidity gets lowered, which helps litter to become dry. Mantra for healthy batch of birds : Raking with Racker everyday, keeps moisture & ammonia away!

Does noise of the machine disturb birds?

No. Noise of the machine is as low as 30 db which is very less and birds do not get disturbed (all age birds).

Does this machine cause any damage to Floor?

No. The machine does not cause any damage to the floor. With level arrangement setting, it always remains above the floor