KOT ADDU,Muzaffargarh
I have been a farmer for 25 years and racking always has been a serious problems for me. I used traditional racking methods which required more labor and time and yet these all racking methods were ineffective and my FCR was always compromised. Recently I came to know about Racker racking machine which is specifically designed for racking purpose. I met with the team of Hope Genomics and discussed my racking problems in detail with them. They encouraged me to use the Racker.I used it for few days and results were amazing. It significantly reduced ammonia level, growth of bugs in litter, growth of bacterial and viral parasites and also it helped drying the litter. It is labor friendly, fuel efficient and consume less time. And now my FCR is improving after proper racking with the Racker. I am completely satisfied and happy with my choice.